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Rabin's assassination - The Real Story
Rabin was murdered in his car, Yigal Amir addmitted the murder under the influence of
psychoactive agents (MKULTRA)
The original medical reports, indicate that Rabin reached the hospital, located less than two
minutes away from the Kings of Israel Square where he was shot at 9:30 pm, only after
22 minutes, in an ambulance (not the Cadillac limousine in which he was carried from
the site) -- already intubated (with a breathing tube inserted).

At 9:52, Rabin was transferred from the ambulance and admitted to the hospital --
inexplicably, anonymously. None of the doctors treating the unnamed patient initially
had any clue that it was Rabin. Only some 12 minutes later, after the bodyguard Rubin
entered the ER, was the admission form updated to indicate that the patient, suffering
from a single frontal chest wound, was none other than the Prime Minister of Israel.

On arrival to hospital, Rabin had only a single gunshot wound, which was located in his
front chest, 2-3 cm above the right nipple, where the exit wound was directed towards
the spine at D5-6, accompanied by crushed vertebra and fracture of the neighborhood rib.
For about 40 minutes, the doctors provide the patient with eight units of blood and manage
to stabilize his condition, although he is still unable to breathe on his own but is still
connected to a respirator.
At this point, according to diverse reports from medical staff, Shin Bet agents entered the
surgical suite and ordered medical personnel removed. A minute or two later, the Shin Bet
returning the docrors, asking them to continue the treatment until the government will be
ready for claiming the death of Rabin. However,  when the doctors returned to their
patient, they discover, that his death body has been shot two additional times -- in the back.
One form, written and signed by the Dr. Gutman, indicates that the time of death was 10:30
and explicitly references only the single chest wound. A second form, which came to be
the official death pronouncement, states the "official" time of death at 11:10. All references
to the chest wound were subsequently expunged from the hospital records and the
videotape of the autopsy "recycled," according to Hiss.
Nevertheless, the apparent real scenario could be proved anyway, thanks to one mistake
made very recently by Dr. Hiss. This occured after the chest X-ray of Mr Rabin
(being protected for 10 years), was presented on TV for few seconds, at the 4/11/95.
This exposure was sufficient for recording and freezing one of the chest X-ray images,
enabling objective examination of the chest findings. Amazingly, the chest X-ray
strikingly confirmed the findings documented on the medical report written by
Dr. Guttman at 22.30, that is, that the bullet on the left lung hilum was already removed
during operation, whereas two bullets were left on, the one in the spine, which killed
Rabin, as well as one of the bullets which were shotted after death, both were
removed at the PM examination.
Look at the chest X-ray image, showing the bullet that entered through the front chest,
2 cm above the right nipple, which was eventually stucked in the spine (right arrow),
causing spina shock, as well as the missing bullet in the left lung hilum, where the
bullet residing there being already removed during opreation, actually proving the
existence of 3 bullets in the body of Rabin; the unreported chest bullet that killed Rabin,
and the two late shots in his death body, ascribed to Yugal Amir.
What is still missing, is the whole body CT scan (being also protected), which should
unquestionably show the bullet in the spine and the crushed vertebra, which was ignored in
the official Pathological report.
Nevertheless, aside from the first available medical report showed above (which was written
immediately after death, thus being authentic), and the chest X-ray showing the bullet in
spine (red arrow), as well as a missing bullet in the left lung hilum, both proving that Rabin
came to the ER with only one shot in his right front chest (and that's all), also the later
medical reports, despite being written retrospectively after death, and under external
pressure, confirm the above findings.
For example, the report written post operation, documented obviously the existing of a
palpabe crushed vertebra (which was ignored by the latter Pathological report and by the
official version):
In Hebrew: לערך, שם נמוש ריסוק עצם(D5-6) הקרע בראה מוביל  לאזור ע"ש תורקלי
That is, the tear in the right lung is leading to the thoracic spine area (approx. D5-6),
where bone crush is palpable.

To summarize: "Rabin isn't supposed to be harmed in any manner shape or form.
The plan is to bring him to the Shabak headquarters. The government would then clamp
down on the Right. This explains why there is no blood at the site of the shooting,
no spent cartridges, why Shabak [the Hebrew acronym for the Shin Bet] guards didn't
kill Amir on sight, why the two trauma ambulance crews (docs and paramedics) stationed
10 feet away from where Rabin was "shot" are rebuffed when they offer to treat the
"wounded" Rabin, why people shouted "SRAK! SRAK!" ("Blanks! Blanks), why the
Shabak told Leah Rabin that her husband was OK and the whole thing was just an
"exercise", and why when a senior police officer from the Police Identification Unit takes
the gun used by Amir as material evidence has the gun forcibly (and illegally) removed
from him by the Shabak. The "gun" is returned the next day. Rabin is taken to the
Shabak headquarters in the Cadillac limousine: the hospital is NOT informed to be
ready for a trauma patient."

Somewhere during what was expected to be a brief and uneventful trip to the Shabak
headquarters , where Rabin was to have emerged safe and sound, something must
have gone terribly wrong. Someone in the Shin Bet, apparently decided -- either in the
car or at nearby Shin Bet headquarters to shoot Rabin and immediately after one shot
into Rabin's chest this man is killed by another guard. Eventually, Rabin is transfered
by an ambulance, intubated, and delivered to the hospital, initially as an anonymous
patient suffering from a gunshot wound.

So, a frontal shot to the chest killed Rabin; after declaring his death and stopping
treatment, two additional hollowpoint bullets were fired into his body, one into his back
from the right and the second to his left hip, after which Rabin was transferred to an
operating room where his death was declared a second time.

The latest evidence strongly suggests that the plan was not to kill Rabin but rather --
as the Shin Bet repeatedly did using its "agent provocateur" Avishay Raviv -- to stage
an outrageous provocation meant to sway public opinion to support the Prime Minister's
policies, to incriminate his opponents, and to permit a crackdown on their activities --
all of which did in fact happen after the "staged" assassination attempt tragically
turned into a real murder.

The new revelations further strengthens the evidence of a pervasive and systematic
cover-up of the murder in official Israeli circles, beginning within the Shin Bet itself,
but pointing also to collaboration after the fact by senior political figures --
those in charge of the security agency as well as legal and medical officials who either
forged documentary evidence, concealed it, perjured themselves, or failed to ask the
required and in many cases obvious questions about the glaring inconsistencies and
stark contradictions in the official version of what happened on that terrible night
ten years ago.
Finally, all these findings are being now subject to reevaluation by the
supreme court, which should decide whether to open again the case.
So who killed Rabin and why?
There are several points that must be realized:
1. The official murderer, Yigal Amir, like his partner, Avishay Raviv, is actually a Shin Bet
man, holding a service card signed by the past head of the Shin Bet, Yaacob Peri.
This fact was published by the Observer in 1996, according to security sources.
Amir had participated in a security course in the Shin Bet, just before he was sent to
Latbia as a security man. 
In fact, Amir's mother was active in the lefty faction MEREZ. 
2. Yigal Amir himself made an effort to take all the responsibility fo the murder on himself,
and fired his lawyer when trying to challenge the official version in court. Amir at that point
represented homself alone.
Amir also admitted two additional trials to kill Rabin, one was in Yad Vashem during a
demonstration against Rabin, who was scheduled to have a speech there. However, one of his
partners was cited the day after the murder that Amir was quite passive in organization of the
demonstration, and excluding one moment he entered the auditorium, telling that he only
wants to see how it looks from inside, he did not really stay there or do something strange
or suspicous (and eventually Rabin missed the meeting). 
So it seems that Amir tried to incriminate himself from the beginning, even when no 
peace of evidence really exists.
3. At a polygraph test after his arrest by the police, Amir was found lying when telling 
he had no partners to the murder.
The fourth passenger
The Yediot Achronot reporter Yoav Limor, testified the day after the murder that a forth
passenger was sitting in the front seat near the driver. This person was considered by
Limor as a policeman. 
(Recall, that according to the official version, there was no fourth passenger, only three).
Furtheremore, the chief security man in the hospital, where Rabin was taken to, stated
he saw through the limousine window a huge spot of blood on the front seat, in addition
to the blood seen on the back seat, where Rabin was sitting or lying.
In addition, a taxy driver gave a signed declaration to Amir's lawyer, stating that a passenger
identified himself as a Pathologist, and holding a card of a doctor, told him during a drive
from Jaffa to Ichilov, that he was on duty in Ichilov during the night of the murder and he
personally examined Rabin's body (probably before the foresnic Patologist Hiss arrived).
This Pathologist marked two lies in the official version. One is that Rabin had 3 gunshot
wounds, including one (different caliber) on his front chest.
The second, is that another body, a body of a guard from the same event was brought to 
Ichilov at that night.
The last step
In considering the fact that Yigal Amir could not by himself murder Rabin, simply because
Rabin was shot from behind, while he came to the hospital with only one gunshot wound,
located in his front chest, and due to the fact that Rabin was jumping into the car after the
shots by Amir, which does not feet with the fact that he arrived paralyzed to the hospital
(spinal shock)it makes sense than, that the real murderer was one of the co-passengers
in the limousine, possibly the man whose body was brought to Ichilov at the same time
as Rabin. 
It is possible than. that somebody who knew about the planned exercise of the Shin Bet,
took advantage on the situation, and ordered the murder, knowing that the blame will be
put on Yigal Amir and the right. Looking imaginaty? maybe.